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If your looking to improve your skills, this is the right place. Make no mistake on why your here, your here to progress we can't force you to progress when you don't want to, that sort of dedication is on your part not ours. Most of all I implore all of you to look around the site I didn't make these sections for myself, explore them express yourself, I can't make the site active by myself it's your job too. The Primary means of Dueling here are Dueling Network. Socialize and be active, take a look around see what you like.

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 Site is coming to it's

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Site is coming to it's Empty
PostSubject: Site is coming to it's   Site is coming to it's EmptyTue Oct 30, 2012 3:42 pm

Hello all,

This site has been going into real bad times nowadays. Many people are leaving it, even the maker of the site, just left this place for another academy, she gave up on the academy she built herself.

Nowadays, I do not see anyone here except a little few. We are very lucky to have these people in the site now, hopefully, they won't turn their backs and leave as well.

When I first came into here, this site was full of people and life, so energetic. Whenever I am on, I see many people on and many topics around here. Now, it is me and airo along with Victim and Daniel. Daniel is not even in the main picture.

Before Quasar leaves, I asked her to make me an admin so that I could help this place. I really want to help this place. I want to return back like it used to be. I want to bring it's people back. I do not want it dead like this. I do not want the founder of the site just to leave like this and leave this really awesome place. I am not going to leave this place at all. And I am going to work as hard as possible to make it better and back to its life!

But in order to do that alone, that shall take seriously a lot of time. I need you guys, those few people who are still can see how the site is nice and deserves all this work. I want this site to come back to life as quickly as possible. So please, if you really want to help me to get the site quickly back, please tell me.. before it is too late.

Site is coming to it's Ebilkidsiggie
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Site is coming to it's
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