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If your looking to improve your skills, this is the right place. Make no mistake on why your here, your here to progress we can't force you to progress when you don't want to, that sort of dedication is on your part not ours. Most of all I implore all of you to look around the site I didn't make these sections for myself, explore them express yourself, I can't make the site active by myself it's your job too. The Primary means of Dueling here are Dueling Network. Socialize and be active, take a look around see what you like.

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 A message to all testers

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PostSubject: A message to all testers   A message to all testers EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 5:34 am

Hello all,

This is a message for all the testers in here. A few of the testing rules have changed. The basics are still as they are. But there are a few changes.

1- Reaching Quasar dorm is not by inviting, it's by getting 69 or 70 in the test.

2- You do not have to ask the one who is going to be tested before testing him of which dorm they are going to choose to be tested for.

Thank you. ^^

A message to all testers Ebilkidsiggie
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A message to all testers
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