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 fluffytots's test results

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PostSubject: fluffytots's test results   Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:43 pm

Tester: ! ! ! Cosmic Blazer
Person Tested: fluffytots
Person Tested's Decks: Six Sams, Rabbit Hero's, and Destiny Dragon's
There will be 3 duels in total for every test
The banned decks for both players are: Exodia,Final Countdown,Burn,Empty Jar, Hieratic,Gadget, Or any deck-out decks
How it starts
The tester and testee duel
After each duel has ended the tester and the person being tested must BOTH SWITCH DECKS. After the players have each switched decks the next duel will begin until the 3rd duel is over.
The test deck you will vary from which dorm you have chosen. {Picking Shooting Star will lead to harder decks while Debris will lead to easier decks.}
Point requirements and grading
-Number of cards in your deck
40-41 cards=5/5
Had 40 card's in all 3 deck's.
Speed Of Deck-8/10
-How fast your decks were pulling cards you need
His Six Sam's are FAST really fast but they are Six Sam's of course E_E, Hero rabbit can swarm well got a few combo's was nice, Destiny Dragon's ehhhh they're good but lack some things for speed
-How you handle your cards
Well he handles his cards well, but he quick-played asceticism of the the six samurai on my turn! it would be a dumb move considering it would be destroyed and it would have no use! -2 on that i think and also he makes mistakes in being able to remember a certain thing
Deck Build-7/10
-How well put together your deck
Deck builds are decent
Card Knowledge-0/10
-How well you understood the cards that were played
He messed up A LOT here! HE should work hard on rulings! He knows it but messes up and then realizes it! 1. He bottomless'd on my Laggia and i negated, but he thought i couldn't negate on summon of it but they're both speed spell 2 and laggia did hit the field hence it can negate and get rid of bottomless. 2. He Monster reborn'd his Shi-en even though i negated it with thunder king! he wasn't sure if it's negated and is a semi-nomi monster u can't negate it! 3. He used captain gold effect on fusion gate instead of skyscraper? he only realized once i pointed it out, and also when he used fusion gate he banished from his grave and field only from field and hand E_E
-How well you could adapt to the cards being played
Sometimes, he got a little excited or overreacted to some card's but only a little bit so -1
Duel Results-10/15
-How Many Of the Duels You Won From The Test Duels
There are 5 points for each duel won.
He won 2 duel's
There are 70 points total
If you do not meet the needed number of points for your dorm you will go into the dorm you have enough points for. YOU CANNOT GO INTO A HIGHER DORM THAN THE ONE YOU HAVE CHOSEN UNTIL A RE_TEST IS TAKEN.
Shooting Star Dorm Point Requirements-60-70/70 points
Stardust Dragon Dorm Point Requirements-40-59/70 points
Debris Dragon Point Requirement-30-39or lower/70 points

46/70, Congratulations, You made stardust dorm! work harder on rulings! you can do it i have faith in you! post something in stardust dorm to verify you're in! i'm tired from this typing E_E
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PostSubject: Re: fluffytots's test results   Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:52 pm

nice u made stardust welcome here.
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fluffytots's test results
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