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 (TDV)Diamond Dude's test result

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(TDV)Diamond Dude's test result 198-23

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(TDV)Diamond Dude's test result Empty
PostSubject: (TDV)Diamond Dude's test result   (TDV)Diamond Dude's test result EmptyWed Aug 29, 2012 4:58 pm

Deck - 5/5

Speed of Deck - 6/10 Didn't see too much combos go in any 3 of the duels, first duel was the best one in my opinion for speed since he actually got to Synchro twice and put up a stall for a while. 2nd deck was Synchro Accel which didn't do so well... When I negated his heavy storm he did not use Junk Berserker's effect to get Quasar down to it's ATK.

Procedures = 6/10 He made some pretty good choices and some pretty bad choices. This can be said in game 2 with the 2nd deck. Game 3 he just quit and didn't bother going again.

Deck Build = 8/10 Solid builds, some cards are questionable.

Card Knowledge = 10/10 we had no ruling issues.

Flexibility = 7/10 He could not adapt very well to the cards I had out. But he had a VERY good attitude though, complemented on my plays, ect instead of raging like how Zero did xD

Duel 0/15 I won all three duels

Twilight vs Blackwings, Quickdraw Quasar vs Synchro Accel, Gishki Gigas vs Ancient Gears

Final = 42/70. Congrats you made it into Stardust Smile

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(TDV)Diamond Dude's test result
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