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 ★jesse anderson★'s test score.

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"The Chibi Monkey"

★jesse anderson★'s test score. 198-23

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★jesse anderson★'s test score. Empty
PostSubject: ★jesse anderson★'s test score.   ★jesse anderson★'s test score. EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 2:37 pm

Jesse is either pretty bad at reading or he tries to cheat his way out of situations, I will explain why here.

Deck 5/5 all 40 cards.

Speed of deck 2/10 - 1st and 2nd decks were very slow, they were cloudians and trap monsters. -6.66 rounded to a 7. Didn't last too long at all for it was very easy to get past his monsters. His only good speed deck was a Darkworld deck that was OKAY, but could use improvement.

Procedures 1/10 - Did not handle his cards very well. In game 1 he used Moray of Greed for his graveyard, game 2.1 (he left but I didn't give a lose for it) he didn't understand how at all I got gale from my deck when I specifically said Whirlwind effect (the spell card, not too savvy on my Blackwings) to get blackwing from deck and special summoned it. Game 2.2 he didn't send his trap monster to grave when I said I negated with Shien for 2 minutes. Game 3 he activated Dark scheme when I had no cards in hand and he only had a "Dragged down into the grave" in hand. Illegal activation were frequent in our duels and ruling issues occurred. Also didn't know Dark World Lightning can't discard if it doesn't destroy a set card. I chained Limit Reverse and he took a 2minute pause again until I told him he can't discard, so I SS'd his goldd he discarded and sent it back to his hand.

Deck Build: 6/10 His cloudians and Darkworlds are okay built, but his trap monsters need more help. The only cards I saw were those and absolutely nothing to help keep field control. I am not even sure if he knows they count as spells/traps in the S/T zone even if they are on field.

Card Knowledge - 1/10 Since the lowest score is 1 for this since players do have SOME basic knowledge of game I will give him 1 instead of 0. Like I said in procedures, he didn't know quit a bit of what he was doing or the rulings that occurred in our duels.

Flexibility: 2/10 I'm giving him this because constantly I had to tell him what to do but he wouldn't listen. I guess he wanted to aim for stardust (original goal) and tried cheating his way through it by not showing me those cards targeted for moray and dark scheme thing. He did not adapt well in any games and gave up in game 2 while he had over 4k LP. Game 3 he quit because of the dark scheme ruling thing. Even in game 1 he gave up when I told him he could only draw 2 cards from moray since he has been adding cards like crazy into his hand when I told him to constantly to stop adding and putting back at bottom and top, watchers MexicanDave and Erebus can confirm.

Deck result: 0/15 I won all my duels.

Twilight vs Cloudians, Blackwings vs Random Fusion deck, Six sam vs trap monsters, Quasar vs Darkworlds.

Your total points is 16/70. You've been Debrised

EDIT: Totally forgot about my Brio situation against his Ninja rank 5 XYZ. It prevents destruction through attack and card effect. I used Brio effect and he said "Ninja Effect" before I even said Brio effect. I was like "ok" so I discarded my card to put him back in extra and he said "Can't, ninjae ffect" <--- Another ruling I left out.

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★jesse anderson★'s test score. Empty
PostSubject: Re: ★jesse anderson★'s test score.   ★jesse anderson★'s test score. EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 2:56 pm

Welcome to the academy! Very Happy

Play me some time What a Face

★jesse anderson★'s test score. Ebilkidsiggie
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★jesse anderson★'s test score.
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