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If your looking to improve your skills, this is the right place. Make no mistake on why your here, your here to progress we can't force you to progress when you don't want to, that sort of dedication is on your part not ours. Most of all I implore all of you to look around the site I didn't make these sections for myself, explore them express yourself, I can't make the site active by myself it's your job too. The Primary means of Dueling here are Dueling Network. Socialize and be active, take a look around see what you like.

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 xkyru's retest

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"The Chibi Monkey"

xkyru's retest 198-23

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PostSubject: xkyru's retest   xkyru's retest EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 3:54 pm

Deck: 3/5 - One of them had 60 cards, lame I know, but I gotta take points off.

Speed of deck: 6/10, could use a bit of improving, only fast deck you had was your Laval one.

Procedures: 6/10, again could use improvement, you could have gone into Diablos when you nuked my field with JD in game 3, but you didn't. Game 1 you tried to constantly get into Nova, but couldn't.

Deck build: 5/10 Laval was pretty over okay, but that can use some improvement, I never liked using akurus in my LS deck, and first deck.... That wasn't even your deck you built yourself. Someone else built it for you (laglag). These test are suppose to evaluate members on how well they make their decks, I cannot evaluate you this way if it was bought from someone else.

Card Knowledge: 10/10 you didn't have any ruling errors that I recall

Flexibility: 6/10 I don't think you can adapt very well. It seems like you are the type to risk it big for high return which isn't too flexible.

Deck result: 5/15, I won 2 games.

41/70. Wow, you actually BARELY passed it into Stardust O__o Congrats xkyru.

If you press the rep up button on the right side, you totally deserve a cookie!

"gemiikid14: we are those fan guuuuurls~~~"

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Hello there, my name is Grimmy. I would like to educate you on the Chibi Monkey population. Currently I am the last sole survivor of such an incredible race. Today instead of giving your hard earned DP to Sarah McLachlan's Animal Cruelty Video you can instead help the need of repopulating the Chibi Monkey Population at a donation, a very small donation of 500 dp minimum. MAY THE CHIBI MONKIES LIVEEEE. Err-- how will I reproduce? Hookers, no questions asked.
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PostSubject: Re: xkyru's retest   xkyru's retest EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 3:57 pm

Yays! cheers Congrats on making it there. ^^

xkyru's retest Ebilkidsiggie
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Kairyu Murou

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PostSubject: Re: xkyru's retest   xkyru's retest EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 3:58 pm

Lol congratulations on making it to Stardust dorm xkyru Smile
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PostSubject: Re: xkyru's retest   xkyru's retest Empty

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xkyru's retest
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