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 "Crisis" Rules & Character Creation

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PostSubject: "Crisis" Rules & Character Creation   Tue May 08, 2012 6:49 pm

FAA has had some strange things happening lately such as students & staff disappearing, cards going missing, people acting weird etc. It turns that the xyz have been possessing people. Some have been able to resist but not many. So now the remaining members have no choice but to be prepared.

1.All RP duels will be Best 2 out of 3.

2.You may not influence any character other than your own, without their permission. This means changing their race, killing them or speaking for them.

3.You must follow the current banlist in your duels.

4.When you're replying to a post please make sure to include a quote from the character you are interacting with.

5.Only one copy of each xyz exist.

6.Each Rper is only allowed to use the xyz they signed up with in an RP duel, unless you have beat another rper in a duel and were awarded with their xyz.

Character Creation:
Name: (your characters name)
Appearance: (OPTIONAL)
Xyz: (what xyz you have, explained in the rules)
Personality: (OPTIONAL)
Objective: (what your plans on doing one they have possession of all the xyz)
Race: (Vampire, Human, Werewolf, Shape Shifter, Fairy)
Are you possessed: (Yes or No)

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PostSubject: Re: "Crisis" Rules & Character Creation   Tue May 08, 2012 6:51 pm

Name: Jason "Falcon" Andrews
Jason Yes he does have the sword. It's his duel disk. Explained in the background
XYZ: Number 39: Utopia
Personality: Falcon is a fun guy to be around. When his friends are in danger he comes to there rescue in a heartbeat.
Objective: To collect all the xyz and keep them locked up so no one can get hurt
Race: Human
Are you possessed: No
Age: 15
Deck: Blackwing

Now just to be different a background story on Jason:
Falcon is an Ra Yellow duelist who wears a white coat to be unique. Falcon was trapped in the desert realm that Jaden & his friends we're trapped in through a freak lab accident when he was home on Summer Vacation. The lab & a sword were sucked into the portal along with him. He had to defend himself from Duel Monsters so he ran to the lab, barricaded the doors and windows as best he could and starting constructing a way to make the sword a duel disk. After days he finally created his duel disk. He opened the deck case that is on his belt and thought,” I won't die here. Not with my fathers deck. I won't fail and I won't give up on finding a way back to mom. This is all for you dad." and put his deck into is duel disk and charged into combat. For the past 5 years he's been stuck in that realm until a month ago he found his way back to FAA.
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"Crisis" Rules & Character Creation
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