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 The Big Clean Up!

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! Gianus

! Gianus

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The Big Clean Up! Empty
PostSubject: The Big Clean Up!   The Big Clean Up! EmptyFri Aug 03, 2012 6:44 am

As some of you might have noticed, yesterday, I have been promoted to Administrator.

As one of my first tasks, I will order EVERY SINGLE TOPIC that I can find in this Academy.
I have noticed that there are alot of misplaced topics and I have gotten permission from the owner of SSA to order everything.

Alot of things will change from now on!

For example, the Card of the week contest.
Until now, you could post new topics about cool cards freely in this section. But doing it this way only makes this section messy.
My plan with this section is to delete each and every topic (except the one regarding "Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness" (Since that is the current Card of the Week)) and replace it with a new system.

You would still be able to post freely in this topic. You will have to nominate a card for being Card of the Week, also with good reasons on why you think that this card deserves this title (you can still post comments in these topics to say what you think about that card being the Card of the Week).
On each Friday, the few best nominees will be put into a Poll which you can vote on in the weekends. All the nominee topics will then be deleted.
Then the card that got the most votes will be the new Card of the Week from that monday until the monday that follows and a new Card of the Week is picked.

And this is only one of the few changes, but you will hear more about those later on.

So please, do not worry if topics are deleted/modified/moved, it is all part of the plan.

Any deck can beat any other deck. Just believe that your deck can make it!
If you put enough time in tweaking whatever deck you are playing, then it will eventually become great!
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The Big Clean Up!
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