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 Missing window of response

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Missing window of response Empty
PostSubject: Missing window of response   Missing window of response EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 2:43 am

Some situations cause your cards to miss theire "Window of response".
Make note, this has NOTHING to do with "Missing the Timing".

One example of this is the exact timing that "Starlight Road" should be activated.

Say that you have 2 Spell/Trap-cards face-down on the field (one of them being "Starlight Road") and your opponent also has 2 Spell/Trap-cards face-down on the field (also 1 being "Starlight Road").
You activate a "Heavy Storm" from your hand. Your opponent chains to your "Heavy Storm" with his "Starlight Road".
You want to chain your own "Starlight Road" to your opponent's "Starlight Road" so that yours resolves first. This is an illegal move!

While things like this can happen (for example 2 "Mystical Space Typhoon"s, both targeting the same card to destroy, 1 resolving before the other), these things cannot happen with cards like "Starlight Road".
"Starlight Road" needs to be chained DIRECTLY to the card that destroys 2 or more of your cards.
Since your opponent has the priority to chain to your cards and has taken the chance to chain to your card, you cannot activate "Starlight Road" since it has missed its "Window of Response".
Missing the "Window of Response" can happen to cards like "Bottomless Trap Hole", "Appropriate", and various other cards that need to be activated at a specific moment.

Missing window of response C-c-cc10
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Missing window of response
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