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 Spell Speed

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PostSubject: Spell Speed   Spell Speed EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 2:50 am

Spell Speed is a way of telling if a card can be chained on another card or not. Simply put, it's the "Speed" of the card in question. There's a simple way to identify a cards Spell Speed:

Normal Spells, Ignition Monster Effects: Spell Speed 1

Normal Traps, Quick-Play Spells, Quick Monster Efects: Spell Speed 2

Counter Traps: Spell Speed 3

Keep in mind, that cards with equal or higher Spell Speed can chain, but cards with lower cannot.


Chain Link 1: Dark Hole
Chain Link 2: Solemn Judgment
Chain Link 3: Seven Tools of the Bandit

This is a possible chain, since it goes from a SS1 to SS3 and followed by another SS3.

Chain Link 1: Negate Attack
Chain Link 2: Mystical Space Typhoon

This chain is impossible, because a SS2 card is trying to chain on a SS3 card, which it can't.

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Spell Speed
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