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 C.C.'s testing results!

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C.C.'s testing results! 198-23

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C.C.'s testing results! Empty
PostSubject: C.C.'s testing results!   C.C.'s testing results! EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 9:50 am

This testing was quite a bit different from others, I didn't sleep at all and it's 9am here. Go figure, haha.

1)Deck 5/5, Almost lost a point, your first deck was mained with 42, luckily it was one card less from one point less. Nice luck xD

2) Speed of decks: 7/10... A lot of the deck based off on setting first turn, but for good reasons. He got what he wanted on field and it did him pretty well, was hard to get over some stuff and when I did, he'd luckily have some spare cards for a brio from game 2 to bounce all my cards back to hand.

3) Procedures: 8/10 He was thinking, but I guess not too well, game 3 hurt him when he made a misplay and accidentally revealed a card to me.

4) Deck Build: 7/10. First deck had some zombies in with psychics which were for hand control, I'm guessing the deck was for Brio effect then, but when he mentioned hand control, he uses a zombie master.. I saw that he liked to use TGs and Psychics, I saw this 2 times each in 3 games. I'm not too sure if I saw 2 Gustos in 2 different decks.

5) Card Knowledge: 9/10 He knows his rulings, but a watcher had to remind him for me and him that I couldn't get Quasar back with Reborn, silly part on my mistake, haha. We also forgot some stuff when Skill drain was on field, joked around a bit, but he took me seriously.

6) Flexibility: 8/10 He adapted pretty well, gave up when he knew it was over instead of letting me actually finish him off game 3.

7) Duel Results: 10/15, I won game 3 only.

Decks used: Antimeta vs T.g. Zombified Psychics, Gishki vs Gusto Psychics, Quasar vs T.G. Gusto.

Your final score is a 54/70

You made it into Stardust Dorm;) Have fun with your friend Ebil there! He barely made it into the dorm btw. Don't tell him I told you that. xD

INB4 Ebil comes and sees this. I didn't tell him anything, I swear! C.C.'s testing results! M035

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C.C.'s testing results!
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