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 Derpy's Deck Laboratory :3

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Derpy's Deck Laboratory :3 Empty
PostSubject: Derpy's Deck Laboratory :3   Derpy's Deck Laboratory :3 EmptySun Jul 22, 2012 5:33 pm

Hello I'm derpy and I've got a few decks I'd like to put up for "sale" so here's the list

~Dark Magician Forces
-utilizes almost every use for the dark magician and his counterparts for victory Razz
~Virus Orcs
-An unusual way of attacking the current meta but it's helped me defeat decks that rely on weaker cards to win.. ex) inzektors, dinorabbit, etc..
~Zeta Reticulant
-Focuses on field presence and getting rid of pesky monsters.
~Cry Havoc!
-After seeing this card and realizing the potential it had it makes for a very funny victory. Razz
-Just a different style of lockdown on the opponents spell and traps.
~Reversal Quiz
-Unusual OTK.. o_o
~Armageddon OTK
-This is the deck I use when I want to raise my rating. xP
~DragonMaster OTK
-lol ask rainbow dash about this one. Wink

PM me for prices, hope you enjoy. Very Happy

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Derpy's Deck Laboratory :3
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