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 Keku33 Test Results

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PostSubject: Keku33 Test Results   Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:17 pm

so yeh here's your Test Results

-Number of cards in your deck
40-41 cards=5/5
42-44 cards=4/5
45-47 cards=3/5
48-50 cards=2/5
51-52 cards=1/5
53-60 cards=0/5
Speed Of Decks-9/10
-Madolche was very very fast however the D.D. and Dragons deck were a bit slower.
-Mostly very good but in the second duel u didn't really need to use D.D. Warrior eff on my Esper Girld cuz she would've been removed anyway. lol
Deck Build-8/10
-Very Good combos especially with the Madolche deck. However I don't feel the Dragon deck has any proper root to the deck, like it doesn't base around anything in particular, only dragons which is an entire type of monsters...
Card Knowledge-7/10
-I'm afraid there were some slip ups here as you both made mistakes and didn't catch mine.
-Very well done here, adapted to every problem i gave u except in the last duel cuz I ended it a bit too fast but D.D. Deck very adaptable as was the Madolche.
Duel Results-10/15
First - My Psychic Heroes vs your Madolche I lost
Second - My Gustos vs your D.D. I lost
Third - My Mist Valley vs your Old School Dragons I won

58 points
Gratz!! You're in Stardust Dragon Dorm!!
Perhaps your limited number of decks played a part in this but the more the merrier. I think your a great duelist but out of the 3 decks i've seen Madolche was the most explosive one. try more explosive decks despite most of them being meta quite a few are not meta and are very very effective. especially in war duels.

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PostSubject: Re: Keku33 Test Results   Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:56 pm

Yay! i knew i should have switched accounts so i could use a different deck than the oldschool dragons. but nevertheless yay, i may have only moved up one dorm but i feel like i got really close to shooting star, i think next time i will be keeping my oldschool dragons out of testing. thanks for testing me, and Could you let me know when i am able to take another test?

As always, Happy Dueling Very Happy

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Keku33 Test Results
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