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 Evilpath Results

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PostSubject: Evilpath Results   Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:28 pm

Finally i tested you ! Very Happy
But you were very unlucky in these tests Q_Q , here are results
-Number of cards in your deck
40-41 cards=5/5

Speed Of Deck-6/10
-It was slow, except for the inzektor, who was quite speeder ^^
-Some cards you could use better , like tour guide of the underworld, then necromancer, you could xyz to leviair to bring back my snipe hunter and have 66% chance to pown my scrap dragon , but you have good combos especially in the inzekt deck
Deck Build-6/10
-Some useless cards in the infernity one, like sangan, the point of an infernity deck is put card in graveyard then summon them, but sangan ruins the handless combo, the Gk had some useless cards like the trap to revive one of them.
Card Knowledge-10/10
-Nothing to say, it was perfect
-Just played in defense when i had advantage, but the volcasaurus then reborn move was interesting ^^
Duel Results-5/15
-How Many Of the Duels You Won From The Test Duels
My fableds vs your infernities I won
My Archfiends vs your Inzektors You won
My Heraldics vs your gravekeepers I won

46 points ! Stardust dorm !! Congratz !!! The next time , go to shooting ;D
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PostSubject: Re: Evilpath Results   Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:29 pm

Ehhh, oh well, I tried. Next time maybe I I will have a plausible hand in at least one of the duels.

And how come the deck I had the least amount of confidence for is the only one that prduced a plausible hand?

Oh well, well thanks for the test it was fun. I'm actually surprised I got Stardust.
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Evilpath Results
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