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 Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info)

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Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info) Empty
PostSubject: Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info)   Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info) EmptyFri Nov 30, 2012 6:38 am

Ok so i noticed the forum lay-out seems big and im talking about the sections and sub sections and placement orders. might scare some members ( also new pics might help as for some do not work.)

ill say it again in the end but, im not complaining just trying to help you can accept the things i say and try to edit them or just ignore but give me some feedback m'kay?( dear god its a big topic -_-)

(-> = a new section under the main section. example: when you go into test office there is another section inside that goes to results wich makes it useless on the front. in other words making it look smaller and easier to find the section (eye candy you could say =P))

Star academy. Looks solid just a few add ups in my opnion
feedback & support ( or name its Feedback/helpdesk)
Hall of fame (can also stay in campus area)
Introductions -> Recruit referrals

The Campus
I think to many dorms seems packed not saying its bad in this case

Test office -> Test results (put this here)
Shooting storm dorm
Shooting quasar dragon dorm
Shooting star dragon dorm
Stardust dragon dorm

Derbis Dragon Dorm

yeah to many dorms like why not take out shooting storm dorm and use quasar dorm for That purpouse
Or rename Shooting storm dorm since it seems 'out' of sync without dragon (like Elite dragon dorm or somthing)

-Put the recruit refarrals into the Introduction area -

Duel Area
yeah where to begin.....

Duel mode - good maybe just a picture
Battle area -> Battle arena results
Shadow arena/Shadow realm -> Shadow arena results - Shadow arena and realm are the same thing so make them one.
Tournament arena -> tournament arena results
- test office- Removed to campus

Duel support
Another large area

Dueling lessons (this is usefull)
Deck dome
Card discussions ->TCG & OCG discussions
Duel galary (theatre is kinda useless cause of this so drop the theatre)
Dueling lessons (this is usefull)
Moonlight order (idk could be put under deck dome or just keep it like this)
Competions ( need a name to bundle it all such as 'weekly picks'

Academy Teams
War and war team(s)
Tag Duels -> Tag teams

Shopping district
Art showcase removed to off topic or make a GFX section with the art shops in there.

Opening requests & approvements( or somthing)]
Deck shops
Art shops
Card & Trading shop

Art showcase
General discussions( let ppl post off topic vids in here)
YGO discussions
YGO card maker
Posting games
Fan fiction

Though it still looks big its going to seem smaller if you put away the pictures of the sub sections from somthing such as duel results and put them in the duel resuests or some sort so you can see the result section ONLY when you click on battle arena.
And just so you know im not complaining, just give hints or tips wether you take them or not is up to you but it just seems more easier to navigate for new members.

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Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info) Haseosig2
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Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info)   Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info) EmptyThu Dec 13, 2012 4:27 pm

Just decided to revive this before it is considered necroposting and say I agree with almost everything here, they are great ideas and really should be used.
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Lay-out idea!(hints/tips/info)
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